If I can’t

Can’t have you grace my status

You, my profile, no display

If friend and foe

They can’t really know

That you and me

You and me got this thing going

The shadows

The shadows is where we meet

You, my type of guys

You don’t really blend

It’s not the perfect match

It’s so hard

to bring you up as I chat

It’s never come across

You’d be a conversation starter

If the only place for you

Is away from what matters most

This is devious love



A good number of people (if not all people) have found themselves in some form of  measured display of that someone or something they tell themselves they treasure. We are shy to speak of the same and if we do, do it in hushed tones, nobody should know about it. How will people think, what will they say, I’m not even sure…

True treasure however is never kept in a closet. Some guy won’t buy a porsche to lock it in the garage, nor  will a girl hide her diamond ring in the purse. What we treasure we expose for all to see.

So friends, whether it’s your beliefs, salvation, interests or lover, if they are hidden from your world, that is devious love.





I have always been amused by the behavior of people in crowds. Crowd mentality has such a powerful effect on an individual, whether leading to right or wrong. Especially so in the wrong. How much evil  are people capable of in numbers? This is an attempt in description.


I’m normally quiet

I’m ordinarily calm

Whatever loud you see

By reflex I will flee

But in comes the crowd

And things falls apart

Out flies all guard

 It’s hard to believe

The chatter and banter

Empty so  ignorant

How rowdy, unruly

One person can be



Impeccable  upbringing

See my  dad’s a bishop

 My youth  saturated

With  sonnets, hymns ,rhymes

 No adulteration

Of violence, of vice

No pollutant or flaw

In all doctrine

But then comes the mob

And there is  no distinction

From hooligans and  goons

Out baying blood

They that didn’t know better

Scandalizing children

 Eyes too young to see

Terrorizing women

Like one who wasn’t born



Good morning 2018!

It’s late, like waking up at midday. Nevertheless happy new year! It’s yet another year to be poetic and tell stories. One of my resolutions this year is to post more than i have done in recent times.




19th July. Yet another adventure round the sun! There is so much people say, do or don’t as they wait for take off. I will just jot down a few lines. Some brat will read them one day and they shall make a whole lot of sense.

           Go be you


All around you’ll hear

To leave a mark in people

You’ll have to be a doctor

For you to build dreams

You’ll have to engineer

For you to fly high

You’ll have to pilot Boeings

But nay little one

 Go be you!


Son go be you

Go for passion

What you’d do for free

Over and over with glee

Go invent your path

 Go make definition

Go blow minds with genius

Go and subdue



Go buy anything

Go sell everything

Not a thing you brought

Not one thing you’ll take

Cherish everyday

It is God who gives

Today’s all you got

Don’t blow it trying to be

Anything but you



Go explore the world

Go and embrace 

Each along your way

They will be there

 But for a while

 Meet them black and white

Go scrutinize closely

 None is colored gold

All timid, bold

 They all grow old



Go leave a legacy

Not in names of towers

But in hearts of people

Whatever beauty is in you

Let it color the world

Whatever glow in you

Let it illuminate

Whatever strength in you

Let it lift the least

Above all fear God

It is Him that made

 All that you are

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I’ve held back

It’s the bites you see

A valley I’ve dug

To behold, a far

But it won’t let me

The dawn of something novel

Sparking through the tunnel

I stand now at the brink

To take the gallant plunging



It is fondness swelling

Breaking through the core

This volcano roars

A sign of what’s to come

And it just might be

Time to buckle up

And let the coaster ride


A man on expedition

Of lands not known

A man on a hunt

A heart of gold

Splendor it’s bold

Hunt I will hunt Continue reading “START OF SOMETHING NEW”




The man was horribly burnt. Disfigured. Defaced.  He barely managed to call his mother to deliver the news from a local dispensary. He hinted that he might not make it. That kind of news. That is the last thing a mother would want to hear in her lifetime. That is the kind that breaks them to pieces.  That their child is flirting with death and there’s nothing they can do about it. They rushed him to an emergency room. The journey of pain and despair however, had just started. Continue reading “SELF-LESS LOVE”

Circle of Friends. 

A testament on the impact of friends.

Show me your friends and will tell you who you are ,is a phrase known to us all but do we really know the kind of impact the people around us have in our lifes.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambition. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Mark Twain
The people we surround ourselves with often have a larger impact upon who we are and the person we are becoming than we generally like to believe, and the way in which they treat us through their words and actions tend to become our mantra. If they build us up and encourage us, we, too, believe in ourselves and our abilities. But if they tear us down or belittle us, we tend to question our abilities and usually are satisfied with settling for less than…

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#Chilloutsunday happened a while ago at my church. The event is all about gospel music, dance and associated talent(find them across social media platforms). Now if you’ve been brought up in a fundamentalist church like I have, you don’t ever get such shows happening in your church, maybe once in a while in your dreams.  If the government of elders and insecure parents even had a sniff that you were even contemplating it they’d be thoroughly nauseated. Continue reading “FUNDAMENTALISTS”



You’re green and corded
I’m red, jubilated
My son’s godfather
I guaranteed your loan
But at a vote cast
My kin you mind
I can’t stand your kind
You brandish a panga
Your rungu in anger
Sulphur you’re breathing
Viciously swinging
Flames I’m spitting
Persuaded resolute
Your neck you don’t merit
Your head, your life
With wrath you swear,
And rage declare
My daughters don’t deserve
Their innocence their dignity
You hit, I grab,
I slash, you stab

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I’ve recently come across pretty disturbing, probably laughable pics doing rounds on social media. One has a guy with a t-shirt printed, AMATUER PORNSTAR CALL ME FOR HOME VIDEOS. The other  was this lady.


Never mind it was adorned inside a church.  Two hypothesis arise with equal degrees of probability {my statistics professors, do you copy?)

  1. These guys have such a sad sense of humor. 2.They probably don’t know a word in English.

Ignorance is bliss they said. I agree. Nevertheless, the truth that what we wear will always carry an implication is too blunt to shrug off. Whether we intend it or not. And no matter how much we want to amass in the streets and yell ourselves hoarse till the rains start falling, ‘my dress my choice!’ we still can’t change the fact.  Even stripping to the bone so that there’s no message we are sending, that would be a message by itself! People will see you what you’re dressed in and treat you with the dignity or disregard it demands. We will read your enthusiasm and gloominess from miles away. We will ask who your mother is from what you’re wearing.

We not only dress for our own amusement but also for that of others. From centuries past, dressing has demarcated people according to social status, culture, age, wealth even health. Billions are spent today on branding and personalization of clothing and items for business advertisement and promotion. Mind you image consultancy and grooming are some of the highly sort after services worldwide.

Miscommunication is not only a menace for clothes we wear. It stretches to fashion trends, hair styles, products we buy, technologies we subscribe to, ornaments, accessories, art hang on our walls, tattoos on our bodies, membership in associations…the list. If you come to think of it; our religions, professions, friendships even relationships speak volumes about our character and attitudes. It is in order then that we seek sufficient information, if not all of it, on literary everything we’ve taken casually or think we hold by default.

So why don’t you open that suitcase that you’ve packed subconsciously all your life. In that wardrobe, in your mind, in your heart, even in other people. Why don’t you now scrutinize, do you recognize what that cross on your necklace mean?  Do you have an idea what that Nazi sign on your jacket represents? Do you know the origin of sagging trousers? What about the story behind the Mohawk? Why do you have the girlfriend you have? Can you defend the fundamentals of your religion? Would you outline the manifesto of that political party you support? Do you even know the meaning of that name you’ve carried with you all your life?

Simon, you’re reading too much into things! Take a chill pill. But no, thank you. I don’t want to stroll in the streets of Berlin one day and realize the t-shirt I’ve worn for so long was sending sexist profanities in German.